10 Best place for summer vacations

10 Best place for summer vacations

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Published on December 8, 2023
10 Best place for summer vacations

We live in a beautiful blue planet where there’s more than 57 million square miles land. Feeling wondered? Don’t worry, you are not only one. I know we all get bored with our daily work. We all desire to go on a vacation. When summer hits, we want to have a long journey and vacations in beautiful places.

There are so many places and we get confused in choosing which one is best for us. Are you one of them? Chill out, here’s the list of some of the summer vacations places which can help you out.


Why go to Paris?

Paris, the city of light, visitors are attracted because of its unforgettable climate. Not only the climate, the food and collections get some of the credit as well.

The River Seine ramble which flows through the city, bounded by the museums, blocks of the architecture of Rococo and Neoclassic design, centuries-old churches, and the street covered by the cascading trees and glowing street lamps.

Best things to do in Paris

If it’s your first visit to Paris, you will surely want to spend some of the times there. Top of the Eiffel Tower is very famous for the view, but don’t miss out other famous city jewels, the Luxembourg Gardens or Le Marais.

There is a lot of things to do; shopping, district-exploring, museum-touring, opera-attending, cement-touring, and many more.

Best month to visit

June to August and September to October is the best time for visiting the Paris. There is perfect weather from June to August in Paris. In summer, there is more crowded and it’s the most expensive time as well.

If you have a low budget, you can make a plan for visiting in the fall. Stunning of the seasonal greenery and a spring blooms are famous too.

If you are dealing with the travel, the visit in the winter will surely reduce your expenses. Remember that the Paris is one of most famous visited cities in the world. No matter when you visit there, there will always be the visit of tourists and some crowds as well.


Why go to Florence?

Florence is famous for many things like food, fashion, wine and art. But not only that, the city has long traditions with the artisan trades like leather crafting, jewellery, as well as for papermaking.

The culture of the artisan is fading with the flow of time; even you can find many great markets and shops who endlessly struggle without compromise.

Best things to do in Florence

Uffizi Gallery, the top museum of the city is very famous. You can visit there for observing the Botticelli’s stunning “Birth of Venus”.  There is also the Academia Gallery museum of the Musical instruments. You can enjoy the classical music there.

David is one of the famous statues of the world. People from all around the world visit there for observing the beauty of it.

There are many other places like Pizza Della Signorina, Florence Cathedral, Florence Baptistery, the church of Santa Maria Novella and many others. You can enjoy your day in Florence.

Best month to visit

The best time for visiting Florence is between the May and September. Renaissance painters are inspired by the kind of Italian sunshine and open-air dining. But it also brings the hot climate, the crowd of the tourists and increase in the rate of hotels.

If you visit there in the winter season, you will get a low rate of hotel rooms and shorter lines at the Uffizi.


Why go to Boston?

Boston is famous for tourists. In fact, it is rated as one of the best places for tourists destination. Boston is very famous for brownstones, baseball and bookish collegiate types.

There are also the first subway system, first municipal public library, the first public school, and the first public park situated there. There’s also the Boston Tea Party Museum which is very famous.

There’s the place named Lawn on D which is the very good place to be visited in Boston. It is like a playground for adults.

Best things to do in Boston

Have a walking tour towards the Freedom Trail. It’s just fantastic, and you will also get chance to know about the city. There’s the public garden which you can visit.

The gardens of Boston are very beautiful and a famous place for the picnic as well. Visit the Museum of Science. It is one of the coolest museums and there is a lot to for adults as well as for kids.

Best month to visit

June to October is the best time for visiting the Boston. There is slight fall weather which makes touring around on foot. In the summer season, the rate of hotel rooms is high, baseball games are played and outdoor concerts are done. It will make your tour joyful.

Winter is too cold. So if you are planning to visit Boston in winter then pack a pair of boot and a warm coat. If you are not willing to visit in winter because of cold remember that in winter the rates of hotel rooms will be very expensive. You can visit there in the spring season.


Why go to Dublin?

Dublin is an amazing place. It has a nice ambience, a great culture as well as things to do, good food and a Temple bar. Dublin is a small as well as famous city which is good enough for summer holidays.


The best part of it is that they make a lot of day trips which means you can visit many places from the Dublin.

Best things to do in Dublin

You can have a visit to the National Gallery of Ireland. There’s the worthy collection of paintings for the US and Europe. Entrance is free there.

There is also a zoo named Dublin Zoo. There are all kinds of species from small to big. You can visit there for feeding animals or talking even if you are not with kids and have a walk in a road with beautiful street lamps.

You can visit other places like Guinness Storehouse, Phoenix Park, Dublin Castle, and many other famous places of Dublin.

Best month to visit

Summertime is the best for visiting the Dublin. In the summer season, the temperature of Dublin is warm and festival covers the street.

It is also the most expensive time to visit there because in summer there is a crowd of tourists and the rate of a hotel room is too expensive.

If you are willing to get low budget hotel rooms and deal with fewer tourists, visit in the winter season. In winter there is less crowd and the rate of the room is cheaper.

Steamboat Springs

Why go to steamboat springs?

Steamboat Springs is named after its famous hot spring. The one who is adventure junkies and nature lovers use to visit there most. This Colorado city is fully bounded by working ranches.

In summer, fishing and camping are very popular here. In winter, snowshoeing and snowmobiling are most popular. This city is well known for skiing.

Best things to do in Steamboat Springs

Whenever we visit Steamboat Springs, either in summer or winter, we get plenty things to do there. In summer you can hike or bike the Yampa River Core Trail or you can spend the afternoon on fishing, tubing or kayaking.

Likewise, in winter, ice climbing, downhill skiers and snowboarders are most famous. You can even go snowmobiling, sleigh ride and dog sledging. 

You can go to The Tennis Center at Steamboat Springs for working on your swing.

Best month to visit

June to August and December to March is the best time for visiting the Steamboat Springs. For hikers and bicyclists, summer is the best time for visiting whereas, for skiers, winter will be the best.

But remember, most of the tourists visit here between Decembers to March, so the rate of the hotel room is high during this season.

If you have the low budget, late March or early April before the end of the ski season will be the best time to visit. You will also find the low rate of hotel rooms in January because the travellers will go from there.

In April and May, the hiking place is too wet but the prices of hotels are low. Room rent increases when the winter season starts.


Why go to Nashville?

Nashville has developed a lot and has become the city of lots of things for different people. It is one of the most popular weekend gateways. It is the foodie retreat for those who love international fusion cuisine and an affordable southern cooking.

For the one who is looking to bond before having a marriage, it’s the fun bachelor and a bachelorette.

Nashville is the country where many famous musicians like Faith Hill, Taylor Swift, Florida Georgia and many others started their career. So it’s the heaven for the music fans.

Best things to do in Nashville

Country Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry are the Melodious attractions of the Nashville which attracts many tourists.

The Parthenon which is the replica of the famous structure of the Greek represents the role of the Nashville as the Athens of the south. It is a pretty good photo op and you can spend your day sightseeing it.

For those who are with kids, the Adventure Science Center is the best place for spending the afternoon. Don’t miss listening to the live music on Broadway at the honky-tonks.

Best month to visit

The best time for visiting Nashville is from April to October. In this season the warm weather brings this music to life.

Even December is also charming because of the decorations at the Belle Meade Plantation and the Opryland Hotel. You will find a low rate of hotel rooms and flights from November to March.

Portland, OR

Why go to Portland, OR?

Portland has become the famous destination in the Pacific Northwest. There are many nicknames (the city of Roses, Bridge City, P-town, Stump-town of this city.

It is because it has emerged as a dream of urbanite with few of the streets which are pedestrian-friendly. Many of them are lined with the carts of food which gives Portland the best, diverse and most affordable street food anywhere.

There are also many trails for biking and hiking. The famous attractions are low-key and intangible; a chat at late night in the brewery, a sip of coffee which is locally roasted a long walk through open art galleries on the evening of the first Thursday of the month. Portland is one of the most beautiful cities on the West Coast.

Best thing to do in Portland

You can try out the excellent breweries and bars if you are looking to the pub crawl. If you ever visit there in June, don’t miss to take part in the annual Rose Festival of the Portland at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

For looking why the Portland is known as the City of Roses, stop by the International Rose Test Garden. For sightseeing, you can rent the bike and have a tour of the storefronts in the St. Johns neighbourhood.

In the winter season, the area is for the winter sports and ski, mainly around the Mount Hood.

Best month to visit

From June to August is considered as the best time for visiting Portland. In that time, the weather is warm and there are held outdoorsy culture to flourish.

This is a tourist season, so if you are willing to visit, you should book the rooms before couples of the month. If you are looking for the low rate rooms, consider the winter trip.

No matter what time you visit there, you will always find a variety of niche local events.

Grand Teton National Park

Why go to Teton National Park?

In this national park, there are many mountains and lakes. There are endless photo ops. But, the park is not only famous for mountaineers and the photographs.

Grand Teton National Park

In the summer season, the trails of the area call the hikers having all the ability and show the gems of the park like breathing view of the Tetons and hidden waterfalls.

This area of the park is 500 square miles. There is much wildlife, including grizzlies, moose, black bears, bison and antelope. For the people who visit there in autumn, the park is lighted up with the golden aspens.

The travellers who are interested in visiting another national park on the same time can travel few miles north to the Yellowstone.

Best things to do in Teton National Park

There are many wonders in the Grand Teton National Park, such as glittering Jenny Lake and the towering Grand Teton, and the historic settlements which include Menors Ferry and Mormon Row.

But traveller should stop in at one of the numerous visitor centres of the park before starting the climbing and hiking, wildlife watching and touring. For starting, The Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center is the best place.

Best month to visit

The best time for visiting Grand Teton National Park is from the mid-May and late September. In this season hiking trails and other activities like fishing and kayaking are accessible and open.

In winter, October season, winds blow through the park. This shuts down most of the facilities and the roads of the park. But, winter is the best time for cross-country snowshoeing and skiing.

Kruger National Park

Why go to Kruger National Park?

Kruger National Park is situated 260 miles north from the Johannesburg. It is nearly 5 million-acre and it offers some of the best access to the wild animals in Africa.

The elephants, leopards, rhinos, lions and buffalo are here. There are also hippos, Nile crocodiles and rare birds like lappet-faced vultures and southern ground-hornbills.

This national park is more than just the habitat of the animals. There is Fever, Giant baobab, and Marula trees tower above the thorn-veld, savanna and a woodland landscape.

Best things to do in Kruger National Park

A trip to Kruger National Park will surely bring you closer to the nature of there. It is the best destination for the animals and the nature lovers.

You can see the hippos swimming and lions lounging at the natural landmarks like the Hippo Pool and the Kruger Tablets. Likewise, you can see many animals like the elephants, Nile crocodile, giraffes and rhinos in the game drives and bush walks.

Golfing and mountain bike excursions are also available there. There’s the Albasini Ruins for the one who enjoys history and archaeology.

Best month to visit

The best time for visiting the Kruger National Park is at the beginning or the end of the dry season of the religion, between April and September.

Temperatures are pleasant during the dry season. The level of water is low and the vegetation is spare which will help the visitors to spot more animals.

Avoid visiting in July, August and September because in that season there’s extremely hot and dry and increases the death of the animals.

From October to March there’s a heavy rainfall and foliage and rainstorms take place which can make difficult to see the animals.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Why go to Great Smoky Mountain National Park?

Great Smoky Mountain National Park touches both North Carolina and Tennessee. It has a border of 522,427-acre. There’s the famous park in which more than 10 million people visit every year.

This park is one of the free national parks in America. You can observe the beauty of the park and I bet you won’t be bored there.

Best things to do in Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Great Smoky Mountain National Park is one of the best places for the outdoor lovers. The park has different wildlife and abundant wildflowers. Moreover, the park has strenuous climbs, wooded trails and the scenic drives.

There are also many educational things. For making a starting point to learn the history of the park, the Sugarlands Visitor Center is the best. You can pick up the trail maps or make a booking for the ranger-led programs.

Best month to visit

Summer (June, July and August) and a fall is the best time for visiting Great Mountains National Park. At the top of the mountain, the temperature can fall up to 20 degrees so pack layers and a rain jacket whenever you visit there.

If you are low budget, make a trip in mid-September because all crowds will be gone and the hotel rents will be cheaper, and it is a great time for visiting as well. You will find a higher rate of room rent on October weekends.

You will also find a cheaper room rent in early spring (March to May). Perhaps, the park is open daily throughout the year but some of the historic attractions, campgrounds and some visitor centres may be closed during the winter season.