The most amazing place Everest Base Camp

The most amazing place Everest Base Camp

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Published on December 7, 2023
The most amazing place Everest Base Camp

The Everest base camp is a term that is used to describe 2 base camps, one north base camp on opposite side of Mt. Everest and another south base camp which is in Nepal. South base camp is at an altitude of 5,364 meters with 17,598ft on 28°0’26″N to 86°51’34″E. North base camp is in Tibet at an altitude of 5,150 meters with 16,900 ft on 28°8’29″N to 86°5’15″E. These camps are the primitive campsites on Mt. Everest that are used by the climbers during climbing up and moving downward. North base camp is used while climbing Everest via northeast ridge, while south base camp is used for climbing via southeast ridge.

Usually, in such geographically difficult places, people use yak as a transport for supplies. In north base camp there is a facility of a vehicle in summer days but in the south base camp that is even not available. Climbers do take rest at base camp for several days and then go for climbing for adjustment with the weather to reduce risks and extremity of altitude sickness.

South base camp:

This base camp is in Nepal. The Everest base camp trek on the south side is one of the most popular trekking routes in Himalayas and is visited by thousands of trekkers and climbers every year. Trekkers and climbers usually fly from Kathmandu to Lukla before starting the trek saving their time and energy. Moreover, there is no road from Kathmandu to Lukla so travelers travel by plane with heavy goods.

From Lukla, climbers trek upward to Sherpa, a capital of Namche Bazaar at 3,440 meters with 11,290 ft following the valleys of the Dudh Koshi river. From there it takes 2 days to reach the village which is the central hub of the area on 13,980 ft. there they take rest for the adjustment. And another 2 days takes them to Everest base camp via Gorakshep, the flat field below Kala Pathar which is at 5,545 meters with 18,192 ft and Mt. Pumori.

North base camp:

This base camp is in Tibet. As of 2010, visit north base camp required a permit from the Chinese government. To get a permit from the Chinese government to climb the mountain, required to visit Tibet only. Today, such permits must be arranged through the travel companies itself in Lhasa as a part of a package tour that includes hiring vehicles, driver, and guide. The north base camp is easily accessed by vehicles through 100km road branching to the south from the friendship highway near to shelkar. At this place, the ‘tourist base camp’ is located about halfway between the Rongbuk Monastery; the actual climbers’. The base camp is at the foot or base of Rongbuk glacier.

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