Brigitte Nielsen- A Biography of the Famous Actress

Brigitte Nielsen- A Biography of the Famous Actress

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Published on September 27, 2023
Brigitte Nielsen- A Biography of the Famous Actress

Who is Brigitte Nielsen?

Brigitte Nielsen; an actress, singer, and a model was born on July 12, 1963, in Rodovre, Denmark, asuburb of Copenhagen. For pursue acting, she moved to the Los Angeles. 

In Red Sonja, she started her roles with Arnold Schwarzenegger (who admitted to an affair during filming with her). She also started a role in Rocky IV with Sylvester Stallone. 

With both, she started in 1985. She has been appearing in reality TV shows as well as in B movies.

Early Life

Brigitte Nielsen; an actress, singer, and a model was born in Rodovre, Denmark, a suburban area outside of Copenhagen. 

Her father name was Svend and her mother name was Hanne. She had a brother named Jan. Her father was an engineer and her mother was a librarian. 

When she was 10 years old, she used to deliver bread from the local bakery every day before going to school at 4:30 am. She was also the fantastic swimmer. 

At the age of 16, she dropped out of school and started modelling. She did it with the permission of her parents. 

She also started travelling internationally and working with the top fashion designers like Gianni Versace, Gianfranco Ferre, and Giorgio Armani. They had also appreciated her height, striking Danish looks, and athleticism. 

Nielsen was also known as “The Great Dane”.

Nielsen married Danish Kasper, the musician in 1983. A year later, they had a son. 

But they didn’t stay together for a long time. She decided to move to Los Angeles for making a career in acting.

Acting Career

First acting roles of Nielsen were in high-profile films. Her first role was with Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Red Sonja and then with Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV. Her both first shows were in 1985. 

Nielsen was also seen in many B movies and reality TV programs in the international market, including her resident Germany, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, Denmark, and Sweden. 

She also participated in two of the most popular U.S-based reality show i.e. Straight Love and Celebrity Rehab. She participated in Strange Love with her boyfriend of that time, rapper Flavor Flav. 

It became one of the most popular shows of the cable network of VH1. And she performed a Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew. That show dealt with her alcoholism.

She was also very interested in music. She released a series of tracks of a dance in the late 1980s and 1990s. Her debut album was “Every Body Tells a Story”. It was released in 1987 and became very famous in Europe. In 1989, she has appeared in Liberian Girl music video of Michael Jackson. She also signed a book deal for her life story “Gitte Nielsen: You Only Have One Life – This Is How I Found Myself Again”. This become very famous and reached to the top five list of the best-seller of Denmark.

Personal Life

In the autobiography of Arnold Schwarzenegger, he said about his affair with Nielsen “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story”. After that Brigitte Nielsen got married to the Sylvester Stallone in 1985. They had a divorced in 1987. 

She got married to the American footballer Mark Gastineau in 1988. They had a son named Killian but this relation didn’t last for a long time. She married Sebastian Copeland in 1990 and divorced in 1992. In 1993, she got married to Raoul Meyer and divorced in 2005. In 2006, she got married to Mattia Dessi.

Name of her sons is Killian (1989), Douglas (1993), Julian (1984), and Raoul (1995).

In May 2018, she told via Instagram that she was pregnant with the 5th baby. She had captioned on a photo as “Family getting larger”.

More about Brigitte Nielsen:

  • Her real name is Gitte, pronounced as Ghee-Te.
  • A Beautiful Mind (2001) and I Am Sam (2001), are her favourite movies.
  • She had her first apartment in Los Angeles which belonged to actor Armand Assante.
  • Escaped the death when she cancelled the flight on the plane which had been crashed at Milan’s Lineate airport on October 2001.
  • Even after the divorce, she remained good friend the Flavor Flav.
  • She holed the Gunnies World Record of being the tallest living actress, 1.85 m. 
  • In summer 2006, she shifted to the United States by leaving Italy.
  • She had received $6 million while having a divorce with Sylvester Stallone.
  • Her net worth is $400 thousand.