Colossus of Rhodes

Colossus of Rhodes

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Published on September 21, 2023
Colossus of Rhodes

The Colossus of Rhodes was formed in the memory and celebration of Rhodes’ victory over the ruler of Cyprus. It was a statue of the Greek titan-god of the sun Helios. Its history dates back to 305 BC when Demetrius decided to invade Rhodes. It was 30-metre-high.However, he could not break through Rhodes’ inspiring defense. As a result, he abandoned all his siege machinery on Rhodes. The people of Rhodes decided to express their pride and courage by constructing a statue to represent their triumph.   It was built and erected on Rhodes Island in 280 BC in the honor of Helios, the patron god of Rhodes. Moreover, the statue got destroyed as a result of an earthquake in 226 BC.


The Statue was created by Greek sculptor Chares of Lindos. It was about 110 feet tall in size. It was made of Bronze plates attached to iron framework. The statue was placed on a 50-foot pedestal. In order to celebrate the victory and freedom from the conflict, the people of Rhodes designed a massive statue of their patron god Helios. They melted down bronze from the war machines that Demetrius left behind for the making of figure. It took twelve years to complete the construction of the statue. The appearance of the statue depicted Helios standing with his legs together with a torch and a spear in his hands. The construction of the Colossus of Rhodes was completed in 280 BC.


The Statue remains one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. After momentous victory over the ruler of Cyprus, Demetrius, it was decided that a memorial statue is built to honor Helios and to prove that the Rhodians were able to defend their place and themselves appropriately. Hence, this statue had special attachment with the momentum created by Rhodes in the ancient history.


The statue was destroyed when Rhodes suffered an earthquake in 224 BC. However, the ruins of the Colossus of Rhodes lay on the ground for next 900 years and remained as an attraction for visitors all around the world to witness the history. When the Arabs occupied Rhodes, the leftovers were broken down into small pieces and transported to Syria. The statue lived a life of around 56 years from its construction to its destruction. Hence, the Colossus of Rhodes remained one the short-lived wonders of the ancient world.

Plan to Rebuild the Colossus of Rhodes

A group of European architects has offered to rebuild the Colossus of Rhodes in 21st-century version. The European architects, civil engineers, and archaeologists want to construct a modern version of the statue. The modern structure would be five times higher than the original. The project also states that a contemporary 150-meters-tall building that will include a cultural center, an exhibition hall and a lighthouse. As per the architects, the new statue would serve primarily as a cultural center attracting visitors from all around the world. Moreover, the designers are planning to cover the exterior of the statue with solar panels to power the building enabling it to serve as a lighthouse as well.