Divorce in same sex

Divorce in same sex

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Published on September 21, 2023
Divorce in same sex

Divorce in same-sex simply refers to getting apart from the legal relationship, property as well as the accommodation between the lesbians or gay. In many countries, there is allow for marriage and divorce between the lesbians and gay. Whereas, in some countries, it is not allowed even today. Also, in some countries divorce is possible even if the marriage is not possible.

Divorce rates of different countries:


Between the year 2004 and 2009, the average annual divorce rate for all the homosexual was almost 2% compared to 71% divorce rate for heterosexual marriages. Also, between the same years, lesbian divorce rates were nearly double of those of the gay men.


In Netherlands, somewhat more marriages between women are recorded than between the men in the years 2006 to 2011. The lesbian divorce rate is much higher as compared to the divorce rate among men. In the same period, the lesbian divorce rate is equal to 14% and the gay male divorce rate to 7%.


The brief majority of gay marriages in Denmark are male. 14% of this ends in divorce as compared to 23% of the female marriages. The higher rate of lesbians is consistent with the data showing that women initiate most of the heterosexual divorces in Denmark.

Norway and Sweden:

A study on short termed same-sex registered partnerships in Sweden and Norway found that the divorce rate 50 to 167% higher for a same-sex couple than opposite sex marriages and that unions of lesbians are considerably the less stable or more serious to subject change than unions of gay men. The authors found that this may have been due to same-sex couples ‘non-involvement in joint parenthood’ and ‘lower exposure to the normative pressure about the necessity of lifelong unions’ as well as differing motivation for getting married.

South Africa:

Gay divorces have started to occur in South Africa but no any additional statistics are available.

United Kingdom:

The divorce rate of the same sex couples within the 29 months of the introduction of legally binding the civil partnerships was slightly less than 1% in the United Kingdom. Many sources cited that the lesbian divorce rates are twice the rate of the gay male divorce.

United States:

As of 2011, for the United States with available data, 1 study initially reported that the dissolution rates for the same-sex couple were slightly lower on average than divorce rates for the different sex couples. The same sex couples who end their legal relationship ranges their percentage from 0 to 1.8% or 1.1% on average across all the listed jurisdictions per year while the 2%of married opposite sex couples divorce annually. Some studies have shown that the lesbian committed relationship does not last as long as gay male committed relationship.

So, these are the divorce rate of some of the countries. Gay and lesbians marriage as well as divorce is allowed and legalized in most of the developed countries.

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