Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Published on September 21, 2023

Erasmus University Rotterdam has strenuous its education and research in four areas of skillfulness, in which the university enjoys international identification. The cohesion in these areas is conductive to multidisciplinary collaboration in education and research. The areas are:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Governance
  • Culture


This domain contains the Erasmus MC/Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Institute of Health Policy and Management.

Erasmus MC is the current new name for the Rotterdam university medical center, which is a merger of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the University Hospital Rotterdam. This center for knowledge development, training, and care in the field of sickness and health – the biggest of its type in Europe – is renowned nationally and internationally.

The research cooperate it internationally admit skillfulness in the fields of clinical sciences, health sciences, and biomedical sciences. The biomedical bunch plays a major role in the field of genomics (analysis of genes and proteins) and bioinformatics.

The Institute of Health Policy and Management forms a bridge between medicine and the health sciences on the one hand and social sciences on the other.


This area includes the Erasmus School of Economics and the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. It has a powerful reputation in education as well as research. It’s economics programmers and management programmers attract students and postgraduates from all across the world.

The research schools Erasmus Institute for Management (ERIM) and the Tinbergen Institute attract PhD students, research fellows, PostDocs and visiting professors of reputational from all corners of the world.

Other joint ventures are the English-language programmed International Business Administration, the Erasmus Executive Development programmed (EED) and the Erasmus University Centre for Contract investigation as well as  Business Support.


This area includes the Erasmus School of Law and the Department of Social Sciences. The investigation pointed on the organization of business and society. This area of skillfulness has ground in general not only with economics and management but also with medicine and health sciences.


This area contains the Erasmus School of History, Culture, and Communication, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Department of Philosophy. Primary investigation is on media, happiness and identity in modern society.

Erasmus University Rotterdam is an international educational institute for analytical thinking as well as academic training with a keen interest in recent social matter. The research manager at EUR is assemble into four areas of skillfulness and organized into programmers, is fundamental in nature as well as has a powerful social bias. The nature of the investigation is interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary.


With knowledge as the key concept, Erasmus University Rotterdam strenuous on the three main tasks of a university: to generate knowledge, to transfer knowledge (education) as well as to disseminate knowledge (society).

Erasmus University Rotterdam is an international educational institute for critical thinking as well as educational training. It is the university with a keen interest in current social matter. The investigation manage at EUR is grouped into four areas of skillfulness and organized into programmers. The nature of the research is interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary.

University Library

The University Library ensures the provision of scientific information and provides details services for Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). The library provides services to students, lecturers as well as investigators. In doing so, it works at the heart of the scientific profession. With its collections and related skillfulness, the library also attains a social function, especially in the region. The library stands for client orientation, innovation as well as organization. The central focus of its activities is on professionalism, teamwork as well as fair play.

Contact address

Address: Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam, Netherlands
Province: South Holland
Enrollment: 22,367 (Oct 1, 2013)
Phone: +31 10 408 1111
Founders: W.C. Mees, J.A. Ruys, C.A.P. van Stolk