Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

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Published on December 8, 2023
Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a steep-sided river valley. It is in Arizona, US and is spread up to 277 miles in length, 18 miles in width and 1,875 in depth. Colorado River flows through the Grand Canyon area.

Grand Canyon National Park was established in February 26, 1919 and today it attracts over five million tourist every year, most of them from United States.


The estimated age of Grand Canyon is about 5-6 million years. Also, it is said that Native Americans were the first inhabitants of this place. García López de Cárdenas who was of Spanish native is said to be the 1st European to visit this place.


There are lots of things that attracts tourist here. Some of them are: Sights & Landmarks visit, Air Tours, Hiking, Rafting, Shopping, Museums, Concert & Shows, Boat Tours & Water Sports.

Also, The Grand Canyon has 3 rims:

South Rim:

This Rim has the most popular scenes, biking trials and village facilities. Also, it is popular for helicopter and airplane tours.

North Rim:

This Rim is popular for remote scenes, Grand Canyon Lodge and mule rides. Also, this rim is popular for rafting.

West Rim:

Known as Grand Canyon West, it is popular for helicopter and rafting tour departure. Also, Grand Canyon Skywalk is located here.


It is one of the popular hiking destination. Since, the place is undeveloped backcountry, it has around 100 of mile distance to hike. As this place is in height, it is not suggested to hike here if you are fear of heights.

The list of hiking trails is: Bright Angel Trail (19 miles, round trip), South Kaibab Trail (14 miles, round trip), North Kaibab Trail (14 miles) and Havasupai Trail (10 miles).


As we already told Colorado River flows in Grand Canyon, you can enjoy rafting here. There are several schemes available for you to raft here and they are; Full-Canyon trips that can last upto 14 days, Half Canyon trips which lasts upto 9 days and One-day trip which is just for a single day.

Air Tours:

You can also enjoy the air tour here and enjoy the full view of the Grand Canyon. You can either choose Airplane Tours and enjoy your tour with several other people or you can choose Helicopter Tours to enjoy the place with your family.

Sights to see:

You can also enjoy here visiting museums. Tusayan Museum and Yavapai Geology Museum is one the most to be visited place here.

Tusayan Museum features the life 800 years ago at this place when there were Pueblo Indian. Whereas, Yavapai Geology Museum focuses on the fossil record and other interpretive displays.