How to Stop Killing Your Small Business

How to Stop Killing Your Small Business

Life Swift
Published on December 9, 2023
How to Stop Killing Your Small Business

One type of business is good business and another is bad business. Bad business is the type of business practices which will lose your customers and win nothing. If you wanna grow your small business or also keep the clients you have now, do the following things.

Be personally polite and gentle

It is about the behaviour than just about the image. You may be dressed well for the job but if you make sexist and racist remarks, have a sewer mouth, or stink like a goat, you will lose a lot of business. So be gentle and polite and well managed with your clients.

If you run a home business, answer the phone

There is no excuse for not answering the phone in the time when everyone has his or her phone in his or her pocket. But what to do when you are in a meeting or your hands are full of plywood?

That is the time for using a call forwarding, voice mail, or secretaries. Your clients are not like your friends; they will not keep calling you even if you don’t answer the phone because they don’t worry about you.

So answering the phone also plays a great role in small businesses. This rule should be followed by everyone in the small business.

Listen to customers or clients

You may have got enough certificates and a year of experience and the awards to paper the whole wall of the office. So what? That is the reason why people hire you and they may even fire because of it.

If they feel like you are not listening to what they are saying, they may feel bored to work with you and might fire you. So always be polite to your customers and always listen to their problems.

Never leave your job unfinished and do not bother to clean up after you complete the job

Do you think that the customer will be pleased with you if you have done an incomplete job? Do you think your customers will praise others to work with you if you have left the debris all over the kitchen or lawn? Not likely.

Even when you get a new job, push your feelings down, rearrange your schedule and make sure that you do the work right.

Try to fix the problems related to your products or services

Sometimes there are some of the problems about which you can do nothing. But you can still show willing towards that work and listen to complain of the customers.

You can give some of the action to the customers that they can take. It will make a positive impact on your customers.

Don’t send out an assistant to do your job

Always keep in mind that your clients want you working on their case, project, or job. Depending on what you do, hire an assistant for doing some of your jobs. But don’t send your assistant to do your job.

Clients might not be happy to see your assistant to their work instead of you. So let your assistant do some of your work and go yourself out with your clients. Sending an incomplete and poorly trained assistant will be worst for your small business.