How to Tell If Cambridge Analytica Stole Your Facebook Data

How to Tell If Cambridge Analytica Stole Your Facebook Data

Life Swift
Published on October 1, 2023
How to Tell If Cambridge Analytica Stole Your Facebook Data

Monday is the day when we find out our information of either the Facebook profile was taken as a part of the Cambridge Analytica breach or not. But Facebook will not be telling us about which of our friends, is to blame.

On April 9, an announcement was done by the embattled social media that users would be informed if their information will be collected without their knowledge or agreement by the U.K, and generally how it has got into their hands.

Facebook wrote in a press release,”Finally, for letting the people to see what apps they use and the information which they have shared with those apps, we will show a link at the top of their News Feed.

“If there’s any apps which people don’t need any more, they will be able to remove it easily. As a part of this process, we will also inform people if their data may have been shared with Cambridge Analytica in an improper way.”

In a first stage, it was initially said that the info of 50 million users was stolen. But Facebook has revised the number and it has reached up to 87 million people, mostly in the U.S. It could be with the people who have improperly shared their information with Cambridge Analytica.

 Cambridge Analytica collects these profiles without the agreement of the owner by using other apps. They use the data of the user for targeting content in a ways designed for helping campaign of a Donald Trump.

On a “psycho-graphic” profiling the Cambridge Analytica works. It means the data which they have collected online will be used by them, especially through the Facebook, for creating personality profiles for the voters. It will make easy for the political campaigns for targeting a certain individuals.

In 2016, the company had been hired by the Trump campaign for running its digital operations. But the data which was maintained by the company was never used for interfering with the U.S election which was held on 2016.

Whenever people will go to Facebook Monday, they will see a link at the top of their news feed “protecting your information”. It is seen with a detailed message which is explained either the information was stolen or not.

If the information of the people was stolen then it will show the message in a detail about through which app or website they have took the information.

For going to the section of Facebook, users can use the link which is provided. After entering the link they will be able to see through which app or site they have used for logging in to the Facebook. They can remove the account from the app or site which they don’t want to be connected anymore.

By taking a certain quiz, users could have had their data stolen. It could also have been stolen if any of your friends took a quiz or any of friends of their friends took a quiz which required being log in to the Facebook.

If the data of any person was taken because of the move which they had made by one of their friends of a Facebook made then the user would not be able to blame any of the friends.

In a past year, Facebook had been under fired for many privacy branches, including Russia meddling. It is handling of fake news. Profiles of the public were being deleted, spreading a heat speech and many more. And the study has only risen from the time when the news of a Cambridge Analytica was broken a month ago.

Mark Zuckerberg is getting to be testified this week in front of congress with its stock price dropping and CEO. He is expected for answering questions on how he has planned for running his company more responsibly and protecting information of the users.