Inexpensive Online CRM for Small Business

Inexpensive Online CRM for Small Business

Life Swift
Published on October 1, 2023
Inexpensive Online CRM for Small Business

The main thing about the online CRM solution is that you don’t have to waste a lot of money as well as time for messing around with them. And also you don’t have to invest in the servers for installing the programs and get it up and running.

If you choose the good online CRM for the small business then it will let you pick the CRM plan, sign up and get on the necessary business of managing your relationships with the clients. It is mainly very necessary for the small businesses that do not have an IT department or a single IT Wizards of their own site.

There are many businesses and all of them will need the different features in their CRM solutions. You can find a variety of CRM solutions for small businesses. All the below mentioned CRM solutions have a free trial available as of this writing.

Best online CRM for the small businesses

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM takes only 10 seconds for installing and it is 100% free. This CRM lets you enter the new contacts easily and keep all the information in one place. It also gives the ability to know when the contact will open the email which you have sent them.


You should surely give a try to Insightly if your project management is important to you. This CRM consists the most interesting features and lets to zone in on the contacts and leads.

It will also make you able to easily see their backgrounds, details and email history of any of the projects they have been associated with. It will also show you every profile of social media which are connected with the email address of the contact.


Solve is one of the online CRM which is perfect for the small businesses which does a lot of projects works. It will be very helpful for the designers, software developers, consultants or home renovators.

The most important thing about this CRM is it secures the workgroup features. Solve is one of the Google Cloud Premium Partner. It means that it is tightly integrated with the G suite. This CRM costs $24 per month and has a free trial of two-weeks.


ZOHO CRM is a free CRM with lots of necessary features. Some of its features include custom reports, sales forecasting, SalesSignals and marketing campaigns. ZOHO also provides with many analytics including the custom dashboards.

Really Simple System

Really Simple System is one of the simple CRM systems which helps in managing the sales and marketing of the small business at once. This CRM has excellent customer service and support as well. it is free for the two users up to the 100 accounts.

Capsule CRM

With the help of capsule CRM, you can manage the calendar, tasks, contacts and sales pipeline through the user-friendly interface. This CRM also has the ability for managing many other programs.

These include the MailChimp, Wufu Forms, ZenDesk, Active Campaign, and many others. You can do your work more easily if you already know how to use the program.


It is sure that your work cannot help you to be more productive when your CRM is incorporated into your workflow and that is what does so well. Nimble shows you everything and let you do everything through the single window.

Its pricing is also very simple of $15 per month. The integration includes the HootSuite, MailChimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact, AWeber, Freshbooks, and many others.