Interesting fact about Lake Tohama

Interesting fact about Lake Tohama

Life Swift
Published on December 7, 2023
Interesting fact about Lake Tohama

Lake Tahoma is the private lake which is located in the mountains of the Western North Carolina, United States, in McDowell Country. Moreover, this lake is located about 5 miles northwest of the Marion. In this lake, there is the ban on the speedboats and jet skis.

The lake is very beautiful and every year thousands of tourists visit there for their vacation. There are species of animals and birds around the lake. The nature around the lake is so beautiful; covered with the trees.

The lake covers the area of approx 500 acres and its depth is up to 30 to 40 ft. It is owned by the Lake Tohama, Inc., a landholding corporation.

There is made a huge dam in the lake which helps in making the water flow on another side of it. The water on another side of the dam looks like the waterfall. Mountains around the lake Tohama look so beautiful. It is covered with trees and many tourists visit here to see the beauty of the mountain too.

Likewise, there are the roads around the lake and jungles. You can visit there in a vehicle and have a drive in the beautiful surrounding of the lake.

It has become one of the famous tourist destinations.

Places to stay in the Lake Tahoma

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  • Waterfront “Teeny Tiny” Home w/ FULL bath
  • Roaring Fork Chalet with Views of Mt Mitchell
  • The Cool NC Mountains AND Golf