An Introduction of Sidley Austin LLP

An Introduction of Sidley Austin LLP

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Published on September 30, 2023
An Introduction of Sidley Austin LLP

Sidley Austin is also known for Sidley Austin, brown and wood LLP. It is a six largest, U.S formed corporation law firm around 1900 lawyers. Its yearly revenue is more than 7 billion dollar and is one of the highest taxpayers in the US. Sidley Austin LLP offers a broad range of legal services to meet the required of its diverse client base.

The judicious  formation of its offices in the key corporate as well as financial centers of the world. It allows to represent a broad scope of customers that contain multinational as well as domestic corporations. Also, Talent and teamwork are central to Sidley’s successful results for customers in all kind of legal issues.

Name modify

In the 1920s, the firm was named piece, Moore & Sidley. Following a number of alters, it was known as Sidley & Austin for many years until it amalgamates with the New York capital markets firm Brown & Wood in the 1990s. Its name was altering to Sidley Austin LLP on January 1, 2006.


Origins in Chicago the firm that was to become Sidley Austin was established in Chicago in 1866 by Norman Williams and John Leverett Thompson as the partnership of Williams & Thompson. One of the nascent firm’s first clients was the Pullman Company, the manufacturer of specialty sleeping railway cars. Other early clients covered Western Union Telegraph Company, which moved its Midwest headquarters from Cleveland to Chicago in 1869.

After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the firm represented numerous insurance companies covering unbiased Life Assurance Society. In 1892, William Pratt Sidley joined the firm after having earned an LLB from Union College of Law as well as an M.A. from Harvard Law School. By 1913, the firm’s name was changed to Holt, Cutting & Sidley, while Sidley would be the conduct character for the Chicago firm through the 20th century. Three years later—the firm than fifty years old—had four partners, four clerks (associates), and ten staff employees with a gross income of throughout  $100,000 (roughly $1.9 million in 2008 dollars).

Rankings and Recognition

The firm quickly appears at the top of different industry rankings. In 2015, the BTI Consulting Group named Sidley to its BTI Client Service A-Team—one of only two law firms to rank in BTI’s Client Service Top 10 for fourteen consecutive years.

The firm also showed up in 14  classifications on The American Lawyer’s Corporate Scorecard, landing in the No. 1 spot for its roles as issuer’s counsel in value provided by U.S. corporations. Other honors contain the 2005 Catalyst Award, conferred in recognition of the firm’s magnification imagination to keep and advocated women attorneys, and its second consecutive year as No. 1 in the rankings by Thomson Financial for top issuer counsel and management advice for U.S. debt and equity-related activity.

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