Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland

Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland

Life Swift
Published on September 30, 2023
Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland


Kakslauttanen Hotel in Finland is one of the best places in the world to visit. It is also called Kakslauttanen Artic Resort as it is located at the edge of Artic wilderness. The place is truly amazing. One can lie on their beds in warm transparent igloos surrounded by snow. All the seasons bring up their special charms for tourists. The magical Midnight Sun, magnificent autumn colours Ruska and blazingly white snow under Aurora Borealis and Kaamos light are major attractions for tourists. One should never miss any of these. This is the reason that an unknown place where there was just a café in late 1970’s for passerby is now a beautiful heaven on earth for tourists.

Location and about the place

Kakslauttanen Hotel is located in Lapland. It is a vast geographical area laying in the northernmost part of the Scandinavia. It is the magnificent land of fells, reindeers and Northern Lights. Finnish Lapland covers an area of 98,937 square km. It is 30% of Finland’s total land area but has very less population. Kakslauttanen resort has facilities of excellent air and land transport connections. All flights to Lapland depart from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL) which is Finland’s capital. The closest airport to Kakslauttanen is Ivalo (IVL). Sami People are indigenous people of Northern Lapland. Their culture, language, traditional clothing, handicraft and music are distinctively different from other ethnic groups in Scandinavia.


The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is one of the most magnificent natural phenomena. They appear between the end of August and April. The best time for seeing auroras is just before the midnight.  Kaamos is a mystical period when the sun does not rise at all. During December and January, the light period lasts around five hours. The sky is blue when looking North and red in the south. Daily at around 2 PM, everything seems to be blue there and is so-called “a blue moment”.Lapland becomes

Lapland becomes colorful in the autumn when Ruska, the autumn colors ablaze the entire place. It is mainly during last week of August and mid-September. The forests are also full of berries, mushrooms, and herbs during autumn. Summer nights in Lapland are bright as a day. This phenomenon starts from the end of April till the end of August. The sun does not set below the horizon at all for a month in between that period. Due to this, Lapland is also called the Land of the Midnight Sun.


Although being situated in the north of the Arctic Circle, it is very rarely windy even when it is freezing cold outside during winter. The weather warms up in the spring even though there is still a lot of snow. The amount of daylight varies drastically per season. The temperature may rise over 30°C in summer. In the autumn, its somewhere between 0°C and +10°C. The winter temperatures can vary between 0°C and -40°C. However, due to dry air, the cold is not biting. The average temperature in the spring is somewhere between 0°C and +10°C.

All the bookings for the hotel can be made through company’s official website and other travel details and help is also assisted for tourist here https://www.kakslauttanen.fi/en/. So, this is the time for tourists to get immersed in the beauty of this Arctic destination.