law firm Jones Day llp in Washington DC

law firm Jones Day llp in Washington DC

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Published on December 8, 2023
law firm Jones Day llp in Washington DC

Jones Day launched its offices in Washington, DC in 1946 with four lawyers. Today,  around 250 lawyers training in the historic Acacia Building with striking rooftop views of the Capitol and in an adjoining state-of-the-art, environmentally sociable building designed by Pritzker-award-winning architect Sir Richard Rogers. Our  lawyer represent  customer nationally and internationally in a broad range of  rehearsal areas, including: antitrust, government regulation, labor and employment, employee welfare , cerebral property, trial and appellate litigation, product liability, energy, health care,  researcher and white collar protection, securities enforcement, tax, M&A, financial institutions, and bankruptcy.

At Jones Day, we powerfully inspire all of our professionals to act in pro bono and other public service activities. Washington lawyers are complicated in a board diversity of matters ranging from criminal appeals to immigration and housing cases to staffing legal clinics. Our power in this area was recognized in 2009 when the firm was awarded the “Pro Bono Firm of the Year” by the District of Columbia Bar.


Jones Day was founded as Blandin & Rice in 1893 by two partners, Edwin J. Blandin and William Lowe Rice, in Cleveland, Ohio. Frank Ginn joined the firm in 1899, and it changed its name to Blandin, Rice & Ginn Rice was murdered in August 1910, and in 1912 Thomas H. Hogsett joined the firm as partner The firm became Blandin, Hogsett & Ginn that year, and Tolles, Hogsett, Ginn & Morley a year later after the stopping the work of Judge Blandin and the inclusion of partners Sheldon H. Tolles and John C. Morley.  After Morley stops the work in 1928, the firm embrace the name Tolles, Hogsett & Ginn.

International expansion

The international expansion of Jones Day began in 1986 when the firm amalgamates with boutique law firm Surrey & Morse, a firm of 75 attorneys with international offices in New York, Paris, London and Washington, D.C. The following years the firm expanded to Hong Kong, Brussels, Tokyo, Taipei, and Frankfurt.

In 2011, Jones Day Foundation and related relationship with Alsulaim Alawaji & Partners in Saudi Arabia with offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Alkhobar.[citatio


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