Law Schools in Colorado Springs with Degree Program Descriptions

Law Schools in Colorado Springs with Degree Program Descriptions

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Published on September 21, 2023
Law Schools in Colorado Springs with Degree Program Descriptions

Within 100 miles of Colorado Springs, there are two colleges in Colorado that have law schools. Here is an overview of schools’ programs, necessity and admission information, find out which school is the right one for you to study law:

Degrees at University of Denver

University of Denver is a private institution which enrolls nearly 12,000 students a year. This university’s law school, Sturm College of Law was established in 1892. For the year 2017, U.S. News & World Report ranked it no.72 among US law schools. The following degree programs are being included in this university:

Master of Science in Legal Administration

This program comprises thirty-credit hour and this program prepares students to manage legal organizations. Applicants must take the LSAT, GMAT or GRE before admitting and a bachelor’s degree is necessary. Students select from concentrations in law firm, international court, and court of administration. The program can be carried on in campus or online, with 10 week of externship required for graduation.

Juris Doctor

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in any major from an institution, in addition with LSAT. The program offers specializations in intellectual property, international legal studies, corporate and commercial, workplace, constitutional rights, and environmental law. First year students can connect with senior students who help them get orient to law school.

Juris Doctor and Master of Arts Dual Degree

The program allows students to earn both a JD and MA degree in international studies in only 4 years. Master of Arts program is provided through UD’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies.

Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration Dual Degree

The dual degree program, offered in association with UD’s Daniels College of Business, prepares the students for the legal complexities of international market of business. In addition to training of law, participants examine areas such as sustainability in finance, business, public policy and information technology.

Master in Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy

The degree program is open to those who have a JD degree. Participants could focus on international or US law with more than 30 courses to choose from, including energy law, animal rights, Indian tribal law, wildlife, environmental ethics and oil and gas law.

Master in International Business Transactions law

Students who already hold a JD can easily apply for admission to this program which focuses on global business laws. It can be completed in 3 years, depending on full or part time status. The courses include negotiations, corporate as well as contract drafting.

Degrees at University of Colorado – Boulder

US News & World Report ranked UC Boulder as no. 40 on its 2017 Best Law Schools list. With 509 students, Colorado Law has a student faculty ratio of less than 10 to 1. The students have access to three research centers and also can participate in the three journals. Applicants to the dual degree programs need to apply to and be admission by the separate schools offering the respective programs.

Juris Doctor

This program has two JD options to choose, including a traditional 3 year program. Graduating a semester early can allow the students to save on tuition and start their career faster, but the extra semester gives students more time to take collectives and plan for their career.

Juris Doctor/Bachelor of Laws

In association with the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, this University offers this 4 year program so graduates can practice law in the US and Canada. It learned the concept including insurance litigation, exchange, cross-border securities and real estate law, among the other topics. Having both degrees can give an edge when looking for jobs, since they’ll be able to oversee transnational business to the students.

Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration

Within this 4 year program which include legislative, labor or shareholder relationship, risk analysis, and lobbying, graduated learn about both business and legal concepts so they can explain various clients such as securities specialists and chief executive officers.

Juris Doctor/Master in Environmental Studies

Graduates can earn the JD as well as Master in Environmental Studies within 4 years. An extra year can lead to a doctorate. Colorado Law and the Environmental Studies Program make sure core topics cover both law, and natural and environmental sciences, such as climate change law and environmental science and philosophy.

Juris Doctor/Master of Public Administration

The interdisciplinary program offered in partnership with the School of Public Affairs lasts for 4 years. Law students can take seriously in homeland security and emergency management, local government, domestic violence as well as environmental policy and management.

Juris Doctor/Master of Science in Telecommunications

The Interdisciplinary Telecommunication Program lets students seek the M.S. in conjunction with the JD to prepare for careers in such areas as IT law, patents or intellectual property. The students in 4 year program learn how the law relates to the communication technologies as well as networking.

Juris Doctor/Master of Urban and Regional Planning

Law students who are interested in learning how the programs introduce in regional as well as urban areas could consider this 4 year option. They’ll also learn how to plan environments in apprehension of ecological and human needs. Along with Colorado Law, the College of the Architecture Planning helps graduate to  focus on law and economic development.

Juris Doctor/Doctor of Medicine

The School of Medicine and Colorado Law offers the 6 year program which helps the students to develop their lifelong research skills as well as analyze the healthcare industry and how it’s financially and legally organized.

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