Maria Digeronimo

Maria Digeronimo

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Published on September 25, 2023
Maria Digeronimo


Maria DiGeronimo is one of the famous Australian reality TV show “Yummy Mumummy” stars. The show follows a group of affluent pregnant mothers who support and encourage each other through the challenges of pregnancy and parenthood. 

Maria DiGeronimo is famous in the series because she is one of the most powerful mummies and has a witty personality. On Instagram, she now has more than 597,000 followers by 2021 and has posted 1,261 messages. Maria also has a YouTube channel named Familia.

Popular ForAs a star of Yummy Mummies
ProfessionStar, Businesswoman, Trainer
Estimated Net Worth $1 million
Age34 years old
Birth DateMarch 3, 1986
Birth SignPisces
Birth PlaceAdelaide, Australia
Hair ColorNA
Eye ColorBrown
Father Giuseppe DiGeronimo
MotherMargherita DiGeronimo
SiblingsBianca DiGeronimo


Maria DiGeronimo’s middle and high school years are not available. However, before becoming a celebrity in the series, Maria earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and education. Maria works as a personal trainer in addition to being a model. Maria DiGeronimo’s parents own a successful business based in South Australia; therefore, it would be reasonable to assume that she has grown up with a substantial net worth since an early age. 

Family and Parents 

Maria and Carlos have a loving and strong family. Carlos Vannini is a businessman and part-time barber. When Carlos Vannini arrived with $15,000 worth of Versace jewellery, not to mention a stack of $7,000 one hundred dollars, the crowd cheered on his reality show. When giving gifts to Maria, Carlos is both intelligent and lovable. 

Valentina, the couple’s beautiful daughter, was born to them, turning 4 in 2021. Carlos has a daughter named Montana. Montana is his daughter from his previous relationship. Regarding his parents and other family members, his father is called Giuseppe DiGeronimo, and Margherita DiGeronimo is his mother. Bianca DiGeronimo is his sister, his only brother. Maria DiGeronimo’s mother, Margherita DiGeronimo, is famous as a star, model, dancer and businessman. Maria also has a blog, and her name is Yummy Nona. 

He gives her a bunch of money because he knows she doesn’t like flowers. Maria said their love story did not develop quickly. Carlos pursued Maria for a long time before they were officially together, but he still pursued her relentlessly and continued to treat her like a woman of value every day. 

Professional career 

The Australian reality show “Yummy Mummies”, which premiered on July 9 2017, is a series of seven networks. It revolves around four wealthy and pregnant mothers helping them with the challenges of motherhood, as discussed previously. 

Relationship Status 

Maria got engaged to Carlos Vannini in 2014. The couple has not been married since 2021, so Carlos is not yet her husband. Maria and Carlos Vannini have a loving and supportive family, but they’ve been struggling since they both joined the show in 2018; they still face the pressures of fame. This was the cause of their divorce in 2018, and they split custody of their daughter, Valentina. They come back after a while. 

Their feelings for each other, they confessed,  never really waned. They are more important than ever and will do everything in their power to be happy,  love, and support each other. On Instagram in 2020, the two shared interesting information that Maria is expecting her second child. The happy mother shared with the world that her second child, a son, was born on February 18, weighing only 4.08kg. One boy’s name turned out to be Cartel, a unique thing.

Age, height and weight 

Maria was born in Adelaide, Australia, on March 3 1986. Maria DiGeronimo was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia. Likewise, she is a 34-year-old Australian actress. Its exact size and weight have yet to be determined. 

Net worth

Maria has a net worth of $1.9 million. Besides being part of the Yummy Mummy series, she has a substantial net worth through Instagram and other social media platforms where she can make a lot of money through sponsor posts. Maria’s husband, Carlos, is also a businessman, so his net worth could be huge, although there is no exact information. 


  • Yummy Mummies’ show was an audience disaster on Channel Seven in 2017, but it became a surprise hit when Netflix picked it up.  
  • Carlos had previously given Maria a bundle of $7,000 worth of silver and more than $15,000 in Versace jewellery for a push gift. 
  • DiGeronimo received some adverse reactions to what she said about breastfeeding in a promotional teaser for the film. 
  • Maria filmed Yummy Mummy while pregnant with her daughter, Valentina, but greeted her son from the camera.