Must visit top 10 beautiful places in Japan where to be once in a life.

Must visit top 10 beautiful places in Japan where to be once in a life.

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Published on September 30, 2023
Must visit top 10 beautiful places in Japan where to be once in a life.

Japan is an Island nation in the Pacific Ocean with beautiful cities, imperial palaces, mountainous, national park and beautiful temple.  There are different beautiful places that really attract the tourist from the world. Japan is not rich by only economic point of view rather naturally beautiful nation in the world. Here are the top ten beautiful places where to be once in a life.

Tokyo is the capital city of beautiful country Japan.  One of the attractive destinations for national and international tourist is the capital city of Japan Tokyo.  Main attraction of this city is the mixture of both traditional and urban life.Also another iconic part of this city is historical temple Sensoji. Similarly the Imperial Palace provides traditional and royal feelings while travelling out here.  You’ll also find top-quality international restaurants as well. It is the city of fashion and culture both.

As we all know that Kyoto is the ancient capital city of Japan.  According to the national tourism organization of Japan it is the most popular destination for tourist.  It is also a place of Japan where to be once in a life.It is the seventh largest city with a population of 1.4 million.Some of the very important places of Kyoto are Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, ArashiyamaTogetsukyo Bridge, Okochi Sanso Villa and Uji River.

This is also another very popular place of Japan where to be once in a life.  There is exist different cultural and modern things which really attract the national and international tourist.  Kamakura is one of most popular cities in Japan, from a very long and rich history. There are many temples and shrines in the city.Kotoku-in is a Buddhist temple of this another very popular place of Japan.

Osaka is the second biggest city of Japan.  Actually this is the city of business and tread functions.  This city is the home for different major international company.  But Osaka is not famous for tread and business rather it is famous for foods including national and international food.  It is very popular distinction for tourism point of view.  Make sure be there once in your life.

Chiba is the city this is located just east of Tokyo city. This is the close city of Narita International Airport. Some of the popular things of China’s are Tokyo Game Show, Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari, Chiba Zoological Park and Chiba Port Tower. All this places are the most beautiful destination for a person.

In addition to being the home of Toyota Motors, Aichi is basically known for traditional manufacturing and that really attracts many business travelers every year. Midway between Tokyo and Osaka both are near to Nagoya, and it is the major location for business conferences and other works. This is also another very attractive place for visitors with its castle, museum and gardens.

Nara was the very first capital of the nation even before Kyoto.  Although the Nara era was less than 80 years long, the city is the birthplace of the fundamentals of Japanese tradition. One of the very beautiful places of Japan is Nara where to be once in a life.

It is the most popular place of Japan due to atomic bomb. Now this is the places we known as the global peace center. This is another very amazing place due to its history and present situation it is famous all over the world.

Okinawa, a group of islands stretching southward from Japan, is the country’s equivalent of Hawaii.  The islands have a unique indigenous culture andare popular for their sub-tropical climate, beautiful beaches.  This all are the beautiful attraction of Okinawa.

One of the great important places of Japan is Hyogo. The greatest attraction for tourists to Hyogo prefecture is Himeji Castle. This is the UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most impressive castles in all of Japan.Once in a life you have to visit this beautiful city Hyogo of Japan.

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