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Published on December 8, 2023

Nassau is the capital city of Bahamas with the total population of around 274,400 as estimated in 2016. It is located on the island of New Providence. Initially, it was founded by Charles Town in 1650. Later the name Nassau was given to the place in honor of William III of England, Prince of Orange-Nassau. Historically, Nassau was a place where pirates had stronghold.

Thousands of tourists visit here daily. Major US airlines have flights to Nassau and you can also get direct flight from Toronto and London.

Reason behind tourist attraction

Today, Nassau is one of the popular destination not only in Bahamas but among the whole world. Its climate, natural beauty, and colonial architecture make it a popular tourist destination. Nassau is also recognized as a part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and it is among the 3 Caribbean cities to receive this honor. It is also commercial hub of Bahamas and is popular for its cruise ship port.

Places to visit

Since it is a tourist hub. Lots of destination are available here where tourists can come and explore. Some of the destinations are: Cable Beach, Downtown and Bay Street, Paradise Island, Blue Lagoon Island, Ardastra Gardens, Zoo, and Conservation Center, National Art Gallery of Bahamas, etc. You can also get hotels of your choice, right from luxury hotels to mid-range as well as budget hotels.

To travel all the destination of Nassau you can get water taxi, minibus, taxi, car, scooter and bike

Cable Beach

It is regarded the hotel district as it has numerous hotels here. It is also known for Crystal Palace Casino and its golden sands. This place seems to have commercial future as restaurants as well as shopping centers are growing here.


It is one of the popular festival of Nassau and is named after the founder “John Kanoo”. In this festival, brightly costumed people dance on the street to the rhythmic accompaniment of cowbells, drums, and whistles. This festival is celebrated on December 26, July 10 and January 1. It begins at around 1:00 A.M. in the morning and ends by 10 A.M.