Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

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Published on September 23, 2023
Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls separates Canada and USA. The height of Niagara Falls is 167 ft (51m). It borders Ontario, Canada and New York, USA. It is a collective name of 3 waterfalls and they are Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. The Horseshoe Falls is the largest among 3 of them and Bridal Veil Falls is the smallest. The Falls flows at the speed of 35 miles/hour approximately. The Average flow rate of water is 85,000 cu ft/s (2,400 m^3/s) which is the reason it is also a major source of hydroelectric power.


Niagara Falls is believed to be about 12,000 years old. It is said that the name “Niagara” is derived from the name given to the branch of local native Neutral Confederacy, who are called “Niagagarega” in the late 17th century French maps of the area.


Niagara Falls has been a tourist attraction place for about 200 years now. Every year more than 12 million tourists visit this place and the number is rising. Mainly the people from Canada, United States as well as the United Kingdom come to this place. July to September is the busiest season here and people of age group 25 to 34 mostly come here. There are around 33,000 people who work to grow the place hospitality and tourism industry.

There are lots of things that attracts tourist to this place. Some of them are:

  • Hotels: There are lots of hotels, ranging from luxurious to budget hotels to make your stay pleasant here.
  • State Park: The oldest State park of America which is spread in an area of around 3,000 acres. You can hike and ride to explore this place.
  • Outdoor Adventure: You can explore this place choosing other modes like Ship, helicopter, buses as well as food tours.
  • Shopping: You can get over 200 brand name stores, local boutiques, antique shops as well as pop shops to add flavor to your vacation.

Daring Story

Sam Patch was the first person to jump down the waterfalls. Not only he jumped but he survived but he also jumped from the height of 135 feet next week.

Charles Blondin was the name of another person who dared to show his skills in Niagara Falls. He walked a tightrope across gorge and completed the 1,100-foot-long distance.

Maria Spelterini the Italian women is the first as well as the only women to walk in tightrope in Niagara Falls in 1876.