About The Organ Donation Organization

About The Organ Donation Organization

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Published on September 30, 2023
About The Organ Donation Organization

The major aim of the Organ Donor Foundation is to produce consciousness throughout the subject of organ donation.

The number of organs donors registering denoted the success of consciousness campaigns. The Organ Donor Foundation is not a medical organization. Therefore, they have no allotment in the allocation or procurement of any medical processes involved in transplantation.

We are a non-profit organization and we generate all our funding from the goodwill of individual and businesses. The Organ Donor Foundation needs funding to bear its consciousness projects and we welcome any events with the objective to raise funds for the Organ Donor Foundation. While among all organization good is the one organization.

Goods circle of life organization

GOOD is a non-profit organization. Saving lives and raising awareness for organ donation are its major concerns. The main aim of GOOD’s “Circle of Life” newspaper campaign is to give the knowledge about the donation procedure. It gives donor and recipient families a way to tell their main stories about donation. Also, it offers newspapers, organ procurement organizations and funeral homes the statistics they want to become participating “Circle of Life” Partners.

The GOOD assignment

In 1996, a heart transplant and a wedding in the CICU begin the “Circle of Life” program. As a result, GOOD was founded (2001) to educate the people about organ, eye and tissue donation. One way we aspire to grow public acceptance of donation is by distinction donors and receivers through our GOOD newspaper eulogy “Circle of Life” campaign. GOOD also works to ensure potential donors of the significant of talking about their wish to donate with their family.

Furthermore, in an attempt to honor those who have either donated organs or received an organ or tissue transplant. They motivate people from newspapers, funeral homes as well as from organ procurement offices to join the “Circle of Life” campaign.

Organ Procurement Organizations

The Global Organization for Organ Donation (GOOD) was established to honor organ donors as well as donee. As well as to give the knowledge to the people about organ, eye and tissue donation, correct misunderstanding about donation, and produce a greater willingness to donate.

It is our confidence that by executing the “Circle of Life” campaign nationally, organ donations can increase dramatically.

To this end, we have developed a public consciousness program and system of participation between the organ procurement organization (OPO). Life Share saw a significant increase in donations, transplants, and interest in being a donor.