Pedro Alonso

Pedro Alonso

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Published on September 22, 2023
Pedro Alonso

Introduction of Pedro Alonso 

Pedro Alonso, Pedro Ochoro Gonzalez Alonso Lopez, is a Spanish actor, writer and artist. Alonso is known for his stellar roles in the Spanish series Money Heist as Andre Berlin as Fonollosa and in the historical television series Gran Hotel as Diego Murcia. In addition, about Alonso, he is a flexible and versatile person who knows how to use both hands well for all household purposes, which is unusual for most people, also called He is ambidextrous and not to mention that he is fluent not only in his national language, Spanish, but also Galician, Catalan and English. 

Series PlayedMoney Heist, Gran Hotel
Date of Birth21 June 1971
Zodiac signGemini
Birth PlaceVigo, Galicia, Spain
Height5 feet 11 inches
Net worth$ 6 Million
FatherTheatre work


Alonso was born in Vigo, Galicia, Spain and grew up in his native country and was loved by his parents and siblings from an early age. We see that Alonso’s father is a stage actor while his mother is a housewife. Alonso has never been public about his family history and relationships, so many details about his parents and siblings remain unknown. Regarding Alonso’s training, he studied in Madrid and graduated in 1992 from the Royal School of Art and  Dance Theater (Teatro De La Danza). 


On June 21, 1971, Alonso was born in Vigo, Galicia, Spain. He was born and raised in his hometown. Likewise, his present age is 50 years old. He is a Spaniard of Hispanic ethnicity. His astrological sign is Gemini. 


Due to Alonso’s family background, he was unequivocal and straightforward when starting his acting career. Following his career path, he performed several theatrical productions and accumulated a lot of experience. Alonso was first identified by a Spanish actress and artist, Susana Cordoba. 

Not only that, but also for some of his outstanding characters in the historical and crime drama series Money heist. In addition, he was also selected as the International Star of the Year  2018. He appeared in Latin America in Prime Video’s first television series, Diablo Guardian. As a writer and artist, he is active in his acting and publishes his work under the name Pedro Alonso Ochoro. 

Family and Parents 

Alonso comes from a very kind family background where he is loved, appreciated and motivated by his family. Alonso leads a well-balanced and well-maintained life with a theatrical father and a housewife mother. He is very aware of his limelight and its pros and cons; as he started his career at a very young age, he has more experience and knows how to keep a modest appearance. As such, the in-depth details of his family and loved ones remain poorly understood. 

Personal life

Pedro Alonso is undoubtedly a  personality known for the best contributions in his field of work and recognition. However, Alonso is a private person about his personal life. Although he has been proven to be a very fit person, a suitable person to follow a healthy diet is conscious of his health, character and maintenance. 

Regarding his relationship status, Alonso is in a relationship with a Parisian artist and hypnotist, Tatiana Djordjevic. They are said to be dating, and although the two are very interested in each other, there is no word of engagement or marriage yet. We also see that Alonso has a bachelor named Uriel, born in  1998. Her current age is 22 years old. And Uriel is also seen as the daughter of Alonso’s previous relationship. 

Height and Weight 

Pedro Alonso is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 75 kg. He is someone who exercises regularly and follows a healthy diet. And he has a fit body. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Alonso is currently around $6 million, all thanks to his dedication, hard work and contributions to plays, films and concerts series music. He has contributed to his work in this field for more than two decades now. 

Social Media 

Pedro is a celebrity,  available on different social media platforms. This will help him grow his audience and know more about Alonso. He is present on social networks like Instagram and Twitter, where he posts updates about his professional work and personal life so that his fans are always informed of all the releases and events. But we can’t deny that for sure; Alonso knows how to keep his profile private even while on all these social platforms. 


  • Pedro has been recognized and nominated for many prestigious awards.  
  • Susana Cordoba first recognized Pedro as a Spanish actress by a talent agent.
  • Pedro also has one child from his previous relationship, a daughter named Uriel, who is 22 years old this year.