Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Life Swift
Published on September 22, 2023
Santorini, Greece


Santorini is a part of Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea in Greece. It is officially known as Thira. Formed by volcanic eruptions, the island has now become the supermodel of the Greek islands. There are multi-colored cliffs that soar out of a sea-drowned caldera. These are topped by drifts of whitewashed buildings. Its looks are instantly recognizable around the world. Its famous for its dazzling panoramas, romantic sunsets and volcanic-sand beaches. Undoubtedly, Santorini is an important name in any travelers’ bucket lists.


The island’s present landscape was reportedly formed due to volcanic eruptions in 16th century BC. Its official name Thira also encompasses the volcanic islets within Santorini surroundings.The island is shaped like a wonky croissant. It is said that Santorini was once circular. During that time, it was known as Strongiliwhich means ‘the round one’. But, the colossal volcanic eruption caused the centre of Strongili to sink down. This has left a caldera (or crater) with towering cliffs along the east side. It has now become Santorini’s trademark landscape.

About Caldera-edge settlements

Santorini’s caldera-edge clifftops has become hub for commercial development. Being located in the island’s west, there are large clusters of whitewashed buildings. They are at dizzying heights, spilling down cliffsides. This leads them to offer gasp-inducing views from land or sea. There are upmarket hotels, restaurants and photogenic scenes. The highest point on the caldera edge is Imerovigli. It is situated about a half-hour walk from Fira, the capital of the island. Towards the north, there is also a village called Firostefani. These three adjoined settlements are able to attract most visitors. There’s another stunning and quite exclusive village of Oia in Santorini’s north.

Life away from the caldera edge

Santorini’s east coast is comparatively less popular than the famous elevated west coast. At this side, the caldera-edge heights have come to join the sea level. But this has given another opportunity for tourism. The volcanic-sand beaches and resorts are excellent places for accommodation and recreational activities for tourists. The east coast’s beaches are lined with black sand. Whereas, on the south coast, there’s a string of beaches famed for their multicoloured sand. The favourite among the travellers is Red beach.

Present Situation

Santorini island has also gained image as “wedding destination”. This is because of the beauty of the surroundings and picturesque scenes. It is a true culinary paradise for tourists. Tourists can also taste famous traditional products like cherry tomatoes, white eggplants, fava, caper and “hlorótyrí” as well as local wines. Tourists can enjoy deep blue waters and beaches with white, red or black sand or volcanic pebbles. Volcanic eruptions have led to astonishing rock formations and impressive lunar landscapes. Island’s capital Fira has Caldera path located on high cliff. Tourists enjoy walking there to see marvelous scene which is more beautiful than something that can be designed by computer.  There are more than 1.5 million tourists visiting the island annually.