Thailand Phuket is good tourism attraction?

Thailand Phuket is good tourism attraction?

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Published on December 8, 2023
Thailand Phuket is good tourism attraction?

Phuket is the Thailand’s biggest as well as the most famous Island which is an incredible combination of golden beaches, green hills, rain forest, turquoise seas, and mangroves. Phuket lies in the Andaman Sea which is surrounded by the beautiful islets. Also, it is surrounded by the amazing limestone outcrops of Phang Nga Bay to the northeast. Add to this the place consists of friendly people, varied cuisine, tropical climate and range of amenities. This is a perfect place for the visitors and is a good tourist attraction.

Phuket has an excellent infrastructure with good road, electricity, communication, shopping malls as well as cinema hall. There are many up-marketed hotels and every major beach is developed. Blue waters, sandy beaches, great food, and diving are all part of the attraction. The authorities of this country have taken some actions to protect the natural beauty of Phuket. They have introduced the laws strictly prohibiting buildings and houses above 80 meters sea level and introduced height restrictions on buildings near the beach. There are also 2 national parks on the island protected by the developers. Despite all the development and the huge number of visitors Phuket Island still, maintains its charm with something for everyone. The Phuket town is the capital of the island where the tourist can go shopping.

Phuket has the following places for the most tourism attraction:

Patong Beach:

Patong beach is one of the largest and beautiful beaches among other in Phuket. It is the most tourist attracted place and is a great place for watching as a part of the fun of Thailand. You may not be able to find the quiet spot to read and contemplate life on Patong but, you will find a lot of shopping and activity to keep you entertained.

Phuket town:

Phuket town lies on the southeastern coast of the island on picturesque bay. The architecture of this town reflects the influence of Chinese immigrants and a Portuguese aesthetic which provides a nice contrast to the more traditional Thai styles. This island city consists of the hotels, restaurants, massage parlors and other attraction places that have highly attracted the tourists.

Rawai village:

venture out to this small Rawai village to get a sight of the lifestyle of Moken, a tribe of ‘sea gypsies’. They have roots in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and have remained persistently committed to their own beliefs and customs. The men of this village work as fishermen and sometimes also guides as sea trips. The tourists love to see this village, as well as the life style of the people living here, have mostly attracted the tourists. Rawai itself has a fishing harbor and a beach covered with coconut palms and swamp oaks. The boats can be rented here to sail offshore islands for the tourists. The beaches of Nai harn, Kata Noi, Kata, Karon, Karon Noi and lastly the main beach, Patong Beach which lies in Rawai Beach near the Rawai village and further north along the west coast.

Phuket Aquarium:

The Phuket Aquarium consists of the exotic and rare sea species of fish, sea turtles, crabs, starfishes and many more. This is also a tourist attraction point where if the tourist cannot go for diving, they enjoy and entertain themselves through this Phuket aquarium. To look for advance they also travel to the marine biology research center.

Hat Nai Yang National Park:

This Park is located at the northwestern end of Phuket, where different rare sea species and other rare animals can be seen. This place has been most tourists attracted.


The Similan Islands National Park comprised of uninhabited islands, this small chain tends to attract diving enthusiasts for the tourists.

Three beaches view:

This aptly named gives the visitors a lovely view of 3 of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches. When it is viewed from above the beaches do seem to resemble the number 3. So it is named as 3 beaches. Also, the visitors see this beautiful scene traveling to the viewpoint along the branch road in front of Kata Noi beach in a southwestern direction toward the south of the island.

Thus, these are the places which are mostly liked by the tourists from all over the world.

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