Top 3 new science inventions in 2016

Top 3 new science inventions in 2016

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Published on December 7, 2023
Top 3 new science inventions in 2016

Science and technology are improving very fast in inventions. Our daily life also becomes very easy due to these reasons. We cannot think our life without science and technology. We can say that science is the part of our life. Every year number of scientific equipment and technology is design and invented.

Here are the top 3 new inventions of 2016:

Sterilizing Spray

One of the very latest and amazing inventions of 2016 is Sterilizing Spray. It is on an invisible, skinny glass coating. Actually, it also helps to avoid dirt, stains, mildew, fungus, virus etc.

It helps to make your home environment more clean and fresh. It has multiple uses in the various field, this is another good point. It is very useful for the hospital purpose. Basically, it has different features regarding its use.

Colin Humphreys, an academic of materials science at Cambridge comment about this. This liquid glass seems that own a large area of application. Sterilizing Spray will be the good and more useful scientific invention for this modern age. One of the great inventions of 2016 is Sterilizing Spray.


Another very amazing invention of the scientific invention is the superlens. This is more useful for microscope lens. It helps to catch all the smallest virus and bacteria. Before inventing this lens microscopes are the limit to examining items that are about 200 nanometers.

But now super lens helps to see all the smallest things. In the past history, there is so-called superlens are the invention. But they all are not working perfectly. In the year 2016, this is another advance superlens that is helpful for all time.

The superlens consists of millions of spherical beads. Of titanium dioxide, each bead has only 15 nanometers wide. These beads are applied to materials that are researcher want to view. All this helps to make work very easily so that this new invention helps to make work easy.

Super lens has one of the very amazing facts that are it contains a diffraction limit that limits the fineness of their resolution. So it is also one of the very important scientific inventions of 2016.

Bullet Proof Gel

There are various bullets proof equipment is made in the different field. I think it is quite interesting and amazing invention. But in this new age, the different scientific equipment are lunching. The bulletproof gel also called as d30 locks.

It becomes the solid form if it is heated at very high impacts. This bulletproof gel is already export in sports goods. It helps to absorb energy and create a solid pad. So it is one of the most important scientific inventions of the latest time. It is very useful for military force.

So it has a very high chance of becoming famous within a very short period of time. The gel is stitched into clothing or equipment that is supple until it stiffens into a protective barrier on impact. The bulletproof gel is very useful for all most all kinds of risky work.