Tower of London

Tower of London

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Published on September 30, 2023
Tower of London

Tower of London is a historic castle located in central London. Officially, it is known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and fortress of the Tower of London. It is spread in an area of 12 acres of land.

The tower has lots of history as the Royal family used to reside here. Also, it was used to be a torturing place for criminals, and some of them were even killed.

Built history

Initially, the tower was built as a royal palace and defence system. The white building was built by William the Conqueror in 1078. Later, in the 1190s, the Inner Ward of the tower was built and followed by re-built of the tower in 1285 and Wharf expansion on 1377-1399.

Also, the tower of London was damaged during World War II, but later, after the war was over, the damage was repaired and reopened for the public.

Current Situation

Today, the tower is popularly known as the Tower of London. It is also listed in the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is the city’s most popular tourist destination as millions of tourists, and local visitors come to visit the tower annually. The tower generates a tremendous amount of money as they charge for the ticket from visitors (total: 2,741,126 visitors in 2016) to visit the tower.

It is also known for Crown Jewels, made up of nearly 24,000 gems.


It is believed that ravens are the protector of the tower, and if ravens of the building leave, the Tower of the Kingdom will fall. Also, it is believed that at least six ravens should always be there in the tower. Also, to make sure that the Ravens don’t fly away, their wings are clipped.

Some Facts

  1. The estimated monetary value of the jewel used in the crown is $32 Billion.
  2. Every evening at 9:53 pm, a ceremony to lock the Tower of London takes place where armed escort of the Queen’s Guards set off with the Chief Yeoman Warder to close all the gates.
  3. To qualify for the Yeoman Warders at the tower, one must have completed 22 years of services in the Armed Forces.
  4. People believe that the Tower of London is haunted.