Travel, self travel insurance

Travel, self travel insurance

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Published on December 7, 2023
Travel, self travel insurance

Travel Safe Insurance is a leader in travel insurance products through innovations, experience and excellent customer service. They have been growing and providing knowledge travel insurance plans since 1971 to worldwide travelers.

Facilities for customers

At their headquarters in Pennsylvania they are continually looking for ways to make their customers’ travel experience even more worry-free. One area of center was growing a 24-hour travel assistance hotline for their customers.

This hotline allows their insured’s to call before and at the time of their trip to get answers to questions they may have on their plans, their travel destinations and the claims procedure. The aim of Travel Safe is to make every customer’s travel insurance experience as stress-free as possible.

Economical travel safe insurances

The Travel Safe fundamental plan is the most economical of the three in this family of plans, and may be consummate if you are traveling on a budget. It covers all the standard comprehensive travel insurance advantages that may help to reimburse you for any unforeseen costs due to travel concerns such as cancellation, interruption, detains or luggage concerns.

This plan also has crisis medical and emergency medical evacuation coverage. This can assist to fill gaps in your main health insurance plan if you suffer a covered illness or injury while traveling.

Insure long term travel

The fundamental plan also allows you to add-on some voluntary benefits that tailor the plan to your travel needs. For example, you can attach rental car collision insurance. This may be a good option for you if you are going to rent a car time on your trip.

You can also attach Accidental Death for Flight Only coverage as well as an Extended Personal Property Pac, if entitled. This Pac wills intensity the luggage coverage by removing exclusions for professional and occupational equipment and some electronics.


The Travel Safe Classic plan, like the Basic plan, offers trip cancellation and trip intervention, however it contain  more covered basis for the coverage. The plan also features other standard comprehensive travel insurance advantages such as baggage protection, travel delay and emergency medical coverage.

If the warning is issued within 36 hours of your program departure date and your destination is in the warning area, you may be entitled for reimbursement of you pre-paid non-refundable trip cost if you cancel your trip. If you will be traveling to a destination that is generally in the path of hurricanes during the months of June through November, commonly known as Hurricane Season, this will be an indispensable advantage. This coverage may not be available for all states. Please mention to the full details of your plan for more information.

This plan also contains coverage for cancellation due to work reasons. Being need to work during your trip, causing you to have to cancel your travel plans can make you eligible for reimbursement. You will need evidence from your employer showing revocation of previously approved time off.

A pre-existing order waiver is provided if the plan is purchased within 21 days of the initial trip payment and all eligibility necessary are meeting. This can help to expand coverage to comprise injuries or illnesses that are due to prior medical events.

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