Van driver tries to cut into Trump’s presidential motorcade

Van driver tries to cut into Trump’s presidential motorcade

Life Swift
Published on December 9, 2023
Van driver tries to cut into Trump’s presidential motorcade

A driver attempted to cut into President Donald Trump’s motorcade on Saturday before law enforcement pulled over his van in Florida, where the president is spending this holiday weekend.

“At one point a man in a red van attempted to cut into the motorcade. Local law enforcement pulled over the vehicle, where the driver made obscene gestures and screamed several expletives,” a White House pool report said.

The president was heading back to his Mar-a-Lago residence after spending the morning at Trump International in West Palm Beach. The president departed the golf club at 1:52 p.m. after spending nearly six hours there.

Small groups of supporters and protesters lined the motorcade’s route, the pooler reported.

It’s not the first time that President Trump’s motorcade has experienced a close call.

During a Trump stop in Missouri to promote tax reform in August, a driver whose vehicle was experiencing brake failure crashed through a wooded area and into the closed-off road the motorcade was traveling on. According to a local news report, no collision occurred and police did not charge the driver since there was no evidence of ill intent.

Trump himself delayed his motorcade after a stop in Indiana in September, also to promote tax reform, after a police officer riding a motorcycle in the president’s motorcade was injured. Robert Turner, a police officer from Indianapolis, later spoke with the president via cell phone before Trump returned to Washington.