Most visit once in a live Holy MT. Kailash

Most visit once in a live Holy MT. Kailash

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Published on December 9, 2023
Most visit once in a live Holy MT. Kailash

Holy Mt Kailash stands in a southwest corner of Tibet. It is a perfect mountain with awesome beauty; Mt Kailash has the unique destination of being the world most venerated holy place at the same time that it is the least visited. It is called Kang Rinpocha meaning precious mountain in Tibet. Mt Kailash is spiritual epicenter, to the holy Mt Kailash for spiritual purification every thousand of devotees make the pilgrimage. Mt Kailash is in the center of the universe, where the spirits meet – the holiest of the holiest mountain.

In the Hindu faith, it is believed that Lord Shiva lives at the crest of Mount Kailash, where he sits in internal meditation with his wife Parvati. Tantric Buddhists believe Buddha Demchok home is the 21,778-foot mountain. Many visited as well as non visited people opinion is, Mount Kailash is a great natural beauty set in a spiritual landscape.

Myth says that thousands of sages, unique mortals, philosophers as well as even Gods had a swamp in the joy full days at the very sight of this godly glory. The mountain is also called as the Meru, Sumeru, Sushumna, Hemadri (Golden peak), Karnikachala (Lotus Mountain), Amaradari, Deva Parvat (Summit of Gods), Ganaparvat, Ajatadri (Silver Mountain).

Pilgrims to Kailash, after the exhausting journey getting there, are then confronted with the same manner taxing mission of circumambulating the blessing peak. This walking around the mountain is known as a Kora or Parikrama, and easily takes three days. In hopes of achieving more merit or psychic capacity, however, some pilgrims will vary speed for the movement.

A hardy few rehearse an undisclosed under breathing technique known as Lung-gom, will capacity themselves around the mountain in only one day. Others will take two to three weeks for the Kora by making full body collapse the whole way. It is trust that a pilgrim who completes 108 journeys around the mountain is confident wisdom.

Most pilgrims to Kailash will also take a short jump in the close, highly bless Lake Manasarovar. The word ‘manas’ means mind or consciousness; the name Manosaravar means Lake of Consciousness and insight. Proximate to Manosaravar is Rakas Tal or Rakshas, the Lake of Demons. Pilgrimage to this great bless mountain and these two magical lakes is a life changing experience and a chance to view some of the most supernatural landscape on the whole planet. Kailash is a blessing to other religions also.

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