What was the very first cruise ship?

What was the very first cruise ship?

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Published on December 9, 2023
What was the very first cruise ship?

In today’s generation, cruise ship plays a vital role in the maritime industry. It is very essential for every kind of people i.e. for travellers, for businessman, etc. Cruise ship has also been the vital part of the tourism industry. A small market like the Asia-Pacific region has is also using the cruise ship. In the 20th century, passengers who were long distance traveller by the sea experienced an evolution.

In most of the cases way has become more essential than the destination. The first step was taken and they all constructed the first cruise ship, The Prinzessin Victoria Luise in the 19th century. It was invented by the entrepreneur Albert Ballin.

Albert Ballin, the HAPAG and the success of cruising

Albert Ballin was born in 1857. He was the 13th child of the Danish Jewish family who was living in the Hamburg. Albert Ballin became the German businessman who proved that being successful managing the migrant ships which sailed from the Hamburg to America.

Shipping company HAPAG gave attention towards his success. In 1886, this company hired him and in 1899 he became the general director. He also became the personal friend of the German Emperor Wilhelm.

The princess of the seas (Prinzessin Victoria Luise)

In 1990, Blohm und Voss built the Prinzessin Victoria Luise. It was named after the name of the daughter of the Empress August Victoria and the Emperor also supervised her construction. Later on, he complained of the irony to his friend Albert Ballin. It was because the cruise ship was bigger and was more luxury than his imperial yacht, the Hohenzollern.

He got inspiration from the form of a new steamer. It had two chimneys, two masts, and a displayed a figurehead which represents the imperial princess.

The cruise ship had a successful life and it was sold out cruises in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea. It was the coasts of Scandinavia and the North East Coast.

The target of the cruises was for the wealthy travellers. The Prinzessin Victoria Luise has designed to look like a private yacht than any of the commercial counterparts. It had a framework of 15.9 m (52.2 feet) and the width of 124.2 m (407.5 feet) long. The ship was totally white with two spars, one fore and aft, and two tall, slim funnels amidships.

The cruise ship had a richly decorated clipper bow and a rounded stern with a bowsprit. On a board, it didn’t look like any other commercial vessels of the time. It contained the first class 120 cabins for the 192 passengers. The staterooms were luxurious.

Moreover, there was also a library, a gymnasium, and also a darkroom for the development of the film by the amateur photographers. This cruise ship contained the quadruple expansion steam engine of the 3,600hp.

Kaiser formally put the engine and was a little bit unhappy because it was little longer than the imperial yacht HOHENZOLLERN.

Any person who sees the PRINZESSIN VICTORIA LUISE for the first time would surely say that it was a Royal Yacht because of its look and designing.